As of this morning Proper Media is proud to be on’s annual list of fastest-growing companies in America. We are listed as the 545th fastest growing company in America and the 11th fastest growing company in San Diego.

Read the press release here, or view the official Inc. 5000 listing here.



Ad units that are always in-view can be refreshed at a faster rate, generating more impressions and ultimately more revenue!

High viewability = More impressions = More $$$

Publishers with adhesive or always viewable ads have seen a 20-50% increase in RPM for those units when Proper’s accelerated refresh is activated.

Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage.



1.  Earnings Overview

  • This view will show your sites Total Revenue
  • Toggle between the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view
NOTE: If you have multiple sites, this view will show an aggregate total for all your sites under that entity name.
2.  Advanced Dashboard

  • This view will show your rates alongside Actual Revenue
  • Toggle between the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view
Important Note:  eCPM, Page RPM, & Session RPM are all calculated off of Estimated Revenue in the Advanced Dashboard view.  This gives you a more real-time estimate of daily progress.  Actual Revenue is not fully populated/accurate until the following day. 


Did you know…
You can call the same in-feed placement over and over.

Just append a number to the end of the slot name, starting at “-2” and increasing by 1 each time.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.09.33 AM


Introducing the Proper Referral Program

Many of you have already been sharing the news about Proper’s Superior Monetizatization and we Thank You!

Now, we’ve set-up a way to reward you for new referrals.

HOW:  As a current publishing partner, if you know someone that might be a good fit for Proper Media, all you have to do is make an introduction and we will take it from there!

  • Just send an email to
  • Include the referral website url, a contact name and email address

REWARD:  You will automatically receive a % of the revenue Proper earns each month from the referred site when they Go-Live with Proper services.

Note:  We are looking to partner with sites that do a minimum of 2MM pageviews/month.
Spoutable continues to see growth through its innovative suite of incremental placements. Spoutable placements leverage a combination of Native and Display demand to maximize CPMs.
If you would like to learn more about Spoutable opportunities, contact us today!


1. Desktop High Viewability:  IAB ad sizes with customized quiz content designed to engage visitors and keep them on the page longer, increasing both site metrics and CPMs.  View Example

2. Postitial (Exit Intent):  Designed according to the guidelines set forth by the Coalition for Better Ads, these units provide both incremental revenue and a way to drive exiting visitors back to the site.  View Example
3. Mobile Stickies:  These footer units can run as a 320×50 or flex to a larger size to maximize CPMs. The native demand incorporated in these units can act as a great compliment to the traditional display units typically running in this placement.
“I’m extremely happy with how things are going.
EXtremely glad I left Playwire for Proper Media.”Yousef, Fortnite Insider –

“Spoutable has been one of our most reliable programmatic partners for nearly two years. The support team is quick to respond, reflexive to our needs and great to work with.”

– Kevin Rogers, The Washington Times

What’s Happening at Proper Media

The Proper Team is hard at work!  We have some exciting product updates & news to share with our publishers.

Ads.txt Updates

Updated Ads.txt files are very important to maximizing your earnings; many advertisers and demand partners will not bid without them.  We recently updated your ads.txt files and we encourage you to download and update today!

Newly compliant files can be accessed in the Proper Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Ads.txt File Manager
  • Download and Update

Dashboard Enhancements

NEW Data Export Options
The Proper Reporting Dashboard now has 2 ways for you to extract your data:

  1. Schedule Email:  Want reports delivered to you regularly?  Select how often and set a date range to report and we’ll send it to you regularly.
  2. Quick Export to CSV:  Need something quick to share?  Export a snapshot of your current performance metrics with just a few clicks.

Visit the Advanced Dashboard -> Daily Review Section -> Click Export to File
Viewability & CTRs
We now break out CTR & Viewability for Ad Slot reports as individual metrics in the Proper Dashboard.  This update increases the accuracy of assessing placement performance.  Check it out!

Check it out!  Visit the Advanced Dashboard -> Select Report Type “Ad Slot”

Partner Updates

Proper has a new Ad Network Partner – JustPremium
This new relationship will expand our reach with desktop & mobile sticky inventory and help build eCPMs.

Additionally, we leveraged our long-standing relationship to enhance our connection with TripleLift and EBDA now includes Rubicon Project as an additional demand source.

The GDPR Impact

What’s Going On?
Stay tuned for updates from Proper Media on GDPR.  In the meantime, here are a couple interesting articles about some of the latest news:

Digiday: IAB Europe plans independent board to govern GDPR framework
Quantcast: Seven tough questions publishers should be asking Google on GDPR



Recently acquired by Proper Media, Spoutable is reinventing web monetization through its suite of highly viewable and engaging ad placements.

View Press Release

Proper Media is excited to announce the acquisition of Spoutable. This powerhouse addition will help us scale and broaden services in this next stage of growth. This acquisition expands the capabilities of Proper Media’s management of advertising for large-scale publishers by adding one-off, unique and highly engaging units running across hundreds of publishers to fully service the industry at scale.

Read the press release here:

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