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Header Bidding, The Proper Way

Proper Media’s custom header bidding solutions and experienced team of professionals allows publishers to maximize website monetization and reduce overhead costs, so they can focus on creating great content.

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What is Header Bidding?

Proper manages and monetizes 100% of the display inventory on your site.

Proper Media’s proprietary auction technology sources demand from all available channels for display, native, and video, creating a highly competitive, real-time auction for each individual ad impression.
Proper Media's Unified Auction

Why Proper Media?

Reduced Overhead No need to sink money into hiring an AdOps, Ad Sales, and Development staff to manage your ad strategy.

In-Depth Reporting is centralized and easy to read. View your total daily revenue, or break it down by more dimensions (device, country, UTM, etc)

Team of Experts advising you on yield optimizations, industry requirements, and more so you can focus on doing what you do best, producing great content and driving traffic.

Scale Proper serves billions of ad impressions each month, giving us access to more features and clout in negotiations with exchanges and technology partners.

Fast Payments Receive your ad revenue in one reliable lump sum each month, on industry leading payment terms.

Ad Quality Partnered with the industry’s leading technology to block bad ads before they affect your users.

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Complete Website Monetization

We support all ad formats

Get the most out of every ad slot on your page with our highly versatile ad units. More flexible than other header bidding platforms, more demand for every impression.

  • Highly competitive, real-time auction,
  • Multi-size ad formats,
  • Server side OpenRTB integrations,
  • Header bidding mobile units,
  • Customized for your website
What is header bidding?




Outstream Video

Instream Video

High Impact


Host and Monetize Your Video Content

Completely free video hosting and monetizing. Upload you’re video content and serve it from our servers at zero-cost to you.

  • Free Video Hosting and Player,
  • Leverage Proper Media’s In-Stream Video Demand,
  • Google Analytics Integration

Spoutable is reinventing website monetization through its suite of highly viewable and engaging advertising placements. Our custom exit-intent unit allows you to keep users engaged before they navigate away including highly competitive programmatic demand.

  • High impact placements,
  • 100% fill rate,
  • Elegant custom designs with a native feel,
  • Offering prestitials, postitials, stickies, and in-page units

See everything Spoutable offers and more on the official Spoutable site.

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