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Header bidding for all your display ads, custom adhesion units, and video placements

What is Header Bidding?

Maximize your revenue by letting many advertisers compete in real-time for each and every impression available on your site’s pages. Including Proper Media’s code snippet on your page allows you to host a real-time auction, ensuring that you receive the highest possible yield for any given impression. Take back control and don’t let a single ad network decide what ads show on your page or how much revenue you receive!

  • Improve CPM's by allowing even more demand partners to compete in realtime
  • Higher fill rates with less latency since you can query all partners at once
  • Diversifies your income by spreading your inventory across many partners
  • Faster and more detailed reporting since the auction is run in realtime

Proper Ads

Proper will take over all your display ad units to improve your CPM

  • Increase CPM's and Fill with our 30+ header bidding partners
  • Improve ad quality with our built-in tools to monitor programmatic ads
  • Find actionable reporting with our detailed dashboards
  • Let our adops staff help you optimize your layout to impove CPM's
  • Ad Sizes

Adhesion Units

Tap into the premium CPMs by adding an adhesion unit

  • Select your CPM floor to only show the unit when we beat that price
  • Our direct advertisers target these units due to higher viewability
  • The unit floats on the page so there is no need to make room for it
  • Ad Sizes


Monetize your existing video inventory or add outstream video ads

  • Let us host your videos for free
  • Pre-roll video ads can be added to your videos with a single button
  • Outstream video header bidding is here

And introducing...

Recently aquired by Proper Media, Spoutable is reinventing web monetization through its suite of highly viewable and engaging advertising placements. Read the press release here.

  • High impact, single placement unit
  • 90% to 100% fill rate
  • Elegant custom designs with a native feel
  • Offering prestitials, postitials, stickies, and in-page units

See everything Spoutable offers and more on the official Spoutable site.

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