Sovrn Holdings, Inc. Announces
Acquisition of Proper Media

We're excited to combine and expand our solutions that help publishers make more money, more profitably.   Learn More.
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Maximize Your Ad Revenue

Sovrn //Managed Services’s custom header bidding solutions and experienced team of professionals enable publishers to maximize ad revenue and reduce overhead costs, so they can focus on creating engaging content.

Simply stated, Sovrn rocks! Not only do theirs ads deliver solid and consistent revenue but their sales and technical teams deliver and honor their promises. Finding Sovrn and partnering with them is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Harry J. Kazianis, Executive Editor – The National Interest
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As publishers ourselves, we were frustrated by the lack of results from other ad solutions. That’s why we pioneered our header bidding platform and started offering it to other publishers.
Drew Schoentrup, Proper Media Co-Founder

The Highest Performance, Guaranteed

Gain exclusive access to over 30 premium exchanges to increase competition for your ad inventory.

  • Enterprise Level Technology
    Sovrn maximizes yield through a unified auction that incorporates display, video and native formats. Reduce the number of ad partners you have to manage while allowing video and native demand to compete in more ad slots. 
  • Operate More Efficiently
    Our expert team handles sourcing demand partners, optimization, reporting, and receivables. We do all of the heavy lifting to make your life easier and deliver more revenue to your bottom line. 
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
    As publishers ourselves, Sovrn lives and breathes header bidding and ad tech to keep you at the forefront of industry changes. 

Don’t Take Our Word for It

What our clients are saying

Award-winning news and culture site tested multiple header bidding solutions before deciding to work with Sovrn //Managed Services.
A hub for web developers to share their passion for building incredible Internet things, founded in 1999

What You Get

Sovrn //Managed Services’s advertising and header bidding solutions make monetizing as a digital publisher as frictionless as possible, so you can focus on doing what you do best: creating great content and growing your user base.

Publisher Friendly

Keep more of your revenue with favorable rev shares,  faster payment terms, & stay flexible with no long term contracts.

Benefit from Scale

Our massive scale provides you with access to an expansive list of demand partners, at preferential rates.

Easy Implementation

Easy header bidding implementation by simply including Sovrn’s JS and ad tags. We handle everything from there: sourcing demand, QA, reporting, receivables.

Highest CPMs and Fill

Generate the highest CPMs through access to the most demand sources and a unified auction that incorporates display, native and video.

Direct Sales and PMPs

We actively source PMPs on your behalf through a variety of channels to maximize the value of your inventory. 

Robust Analytics

Sovrn //Managed Services’s unified “data first” reporting platform allows for in-depth insights into monetization. Get the most actionable reporting in the industry.

Improved Ad Quality

Actively block mobile redirects, auto-play videos, and poor quality ads at the source, before they impact user experience.

Dedicated Support Team

Our seasoned AdOps team provides technical support, best practices, and tools to ensure an optimal site and ad performance. Available around the clock for you.

Reliable Payments

With over $100,000,000 paid to publishers to date, you can trust in our proven record of cash management and on-time payments.

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Sovrn is an essential partner in our business. Not only do they provide cutting edge technology and accurate reporting in real time, but they have been a huge factor in helping us build a strategy around developing a brand and content approach that resonates with both our readers and advertisers. Our monetization has continued to improve over time as they have introduced the most premium advertisers to our domains creating more competition, higher cpms, and strong diversification. ” Justin Levine –

An an organization we spend a lot of time on yield management. We’ve worked with several display partners in the header bidding space, but we weren’t satisfied with any of them until we came to Sovrn. ” Charles Lumpkin –

Working with Sovrn //Managed Services for our programmatic ads has been a game changer for our business. From day 1, we experienced tremendous monetization growth, but the fact that they continue to optimize their stack and take great care with us a partner is the reason we continue to see growth. ” Rian Cool –

Simply stated, Sovrn rocks! Not only do theirs ads deliver solid and consistent revenue but their sales and technical teams deliver and honor their promises. Finding Sovrn and partnering with them is one of the best decisions I have ever made. ” Harry J. Kazianis – Executive Editor The National Interest  

Sovrn //Managed Services has a great team that made header bidding implementation easy. They are engaging, knowledgeable, responsive, and really care about making our ad experience as seamless as possible. ” Ben Maggin –