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Proper Media’s proprietary advertising technology and expert team of ad operations professionals allows publishers to focus on creating great content and driving quality user growth.

Get the best rates in the industry and reduce your internal resource costs. Let our team and custom header bidding solution do all the work

15% Monetization Increase, Guaranteed

The Proper Promise: Proper Media’s hybrid bidding solution is guaranteed to increase your net RPMs by at least 15% or we’ll refund ALL of Proper’s fees from the first 30 days of our partnership!*

How do we do it?

  • Increase the number and quality of demand partners bidding on your inventory
  • Improve CPMs and RPMs by optimizing viewability, refresh rates, bid floors and more
  • Reduce your ad ops workload dramatically

* Must be requested within 90 days of contract execution

The Proper Toolkit

15% increase in net RPMs is great, but that’s not all we offer. Proper Media is committed to making the life of publishers and site owners as frictionless as possible, so you can focus on doing what you do best; creating content and growing your user base.

Industry Best CPMs and Fill

With our hybrid header, server, and OpenRTB bidding system, we unify every major demand source into a single auction, leading to increased bid density, higher fill, and superior yield. Leverage our deep industry relationships to instantly gain access to an extensive collection of demand partners, at publisher-favorable rates.

Direct Sales and PMPs

Scale matters. As part of Proper Media's growing network, immediately become part of our Direct and PMP sales effort, benefiting from seasonal branding deals and always-on private marketplaces across our demand partners. Feel free to bring your own deals as well and let our expert team of traffickers handle the rest.

Actionable Reporting

Proper Media’s unified reporting platform allows for in-depth insights into monetization. Slice and dice your audience to determine ROI by URL, Author, UTM Variables, Custom Tags, Referral Domain, Country, Ad Unit, Creative Size, and more; and analyze across key metrics like Impression CPM, page RPM, session RPM, Click-Through Rates, and Viewability.

Improved Ad Quality

Mobile redirects, auto-play in-banner video, poor ad quality, etc. etc., - Yeah, we can’t stand these either. Here at Proper Media, we’ve developed solutions to block these creatives at the source, before they impact the user experience. But in this never-ending game of whack-a-mole, occasionally bad actors slip through the programmatic channels, and we provide publisher tools to help track down and block these undesirable ads.

Full Service

When it comes to display, native, and video monetization, we do it all. Working with Proper Media is a simple copy and paste job, leaving us to do the hard work of maximizing yield. For publishers that prefer a more hands-on approach, we are available nearly 24/7 to help.

Reliable Payments

Arguably the most important component in an advertising partnership is getting paid. With over $60,000,000 paid to publishers in just the last two years, you can trust in Proper Media’s proven record of cash management and on-time payouts.


FREE Site Monetization Assessment

Improve Your Website's Monetization Strategy Proper Media offers publishers a free Site Monetization Assessment. Based on our decades of combined experience, we’ll provide you detailed, visual feedback about how to improve your site’s current monetization strategy for FREE!

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"Proper is an essential partner in our business. Not only do they provide cutting edge technology and accurate reporting in real time, but they have been a huge factor in helping us build a strategy around developing a brand and content approach that resonates with both our readers and advertisers. Our monetization has continued to improve over time as they have introduced the most premium advertisers to our domains creating more competition, higher cpms, and strong diversification." Justin Levine

"Spoutable has been one of our most reliable programmatic partners for nearly two years. The support team is quick to respond, reflexive to our needs and great to work with." Kevin Rogers The Washington Times

"Spoutable/Proper has been great to work with. They are always very receptive and quick to resolve any questions. They have provided us several incremental revenue opportunities and they always pay on time." Seth Rankin Outreach Media Group

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