Header Bidding Done the Proper Way

Let our team and custom header bidding solution do all the work while you watch your revenue go up

Proper Offering

Not many websites have the bandwidth to develop and manage robust display, native, video stacks, and all the adops that goes with it. We take care of everything to produce the highest revenue so you can focus on engaging users and driving traffic.

Increase CPMs and Fill

We’re confident that we will get you approved at more exchanges, which means higher fill rates and higher bids. By supporting more than 30 of the largest exchanges within our custom wrapper (e.g. Amazon, Index Exchange, AOL), we’ve pulled together one of the most extensive collections of demand partners in the industry. We also bring in PMP and direct deals to increase competition.

Improve Ad Quality

We’ve developed solutions to drastically reduce those annoying autoplay ads and mobile redirects that make it through the programmatic channels. For the rest, we rely on our massive audience to report any issues they find as we have a network-wide option for reporting undesirable ads.

Full Service

We’ll work closely with you to create an updated monetization plan. All you have to do is copy and paste our ad code in place of your existing ads. We handle everything else! We closely manage the timeouts, floors, refresh rates, ad sizes, and more to optimize for the best yield for each website.

Actionable Reporting

Our unified reporting platform allows you to view your revenue broken down in one place by article url/writer, UTM variables, tags, referral domain, country, and a ton more options; as well as, key metrics like eCPM, page RPM, and session RPM.

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What Clients are Saying

"Proper is an essential partner in our business. Not only do they provide cutting edge technology and accurate reporting in real time, but they have been a huge factor in helping us build a strategy around developing a brand and content approach that resonates with both our readers and advertisers. Our monetization has continued to improve over time as they have introduced the most premium advertisers to our domains creating more competition, higher cpms, and strong diversification." Justin Levine GroovyHistory.com

"Spoutable has been one of our most reliable programmatic partners for nearly two years. The support team is quick to respond, reflexive to our needs and great to work with." Kevin Rogers The Washington Times

"Spoutable/Proper has been great to work with. They are always very receptive and quick to resolve any questions. They have provided us several incremental revenue opportunities and they always pay on time." Seth Rankin Outreach Media Group

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