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Payment Management Just Got Easier

Payment Management Just Got Easier

Renee Griffith May 20th

Can you believe it’s already Q2 of 2019? The Proper Media Team has been very busy working on some exciting new developments, some of which we’ll share today, some of which we’ll be rolling out later this quarter.
The Payments Tab has a new look! 

You now have access to view and maintain payment history* in the Proper Dashboard.  Automated email communications are in place for a variety of payment milestones – when a payment has been made, when a payment has been rejected (including how to fix the problem), when tax forms are going to expire, and more.

*Our partnership with Tipalti provides dashboard access to payments as of January 2019. 
Payment History keeps track of payment dates, amounts, method and status.
Invoice History shows total monthly revenue, any affiliate revenue earned, any deductions/clawbacks, resulting in the monthly final revenue amount.
Payment Details gives publishers the ability to maintain payment account information and self-serve updates when needed.
In March 2019, we announced the launch of our Proper Knowledge Base.Since the unveiling, the most searched for keywords are: Infinite scrollReportingReport adsCan’t Find Something? 
Tell us what topics you’d like to see added to the Knowledge Base.  

CLICK HERE to submit suggested topics.
bRealtime and Clearstream have merged to become
EMX Digital, which brings a new improved bidder. Read More

Previously approved bRealtime domains can see the bidder in your dashboard under EMX Digital replacing bRealtime.
DistrictM also added a new bidder integration, DistrictM DMX.
Now bringing incremental demand in addition to their existing integration. Earnings from both integration’s will roll up under DistrictM in the Proper dashboard.
Proper representatives will be attending AdMonsters in New York City next month.

If you’re interested in an in-person meeting, send us a note so we can connect!
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How to Report Malicious Ads

There are several important details to take note of when you receive a malicious or redirect ad that help us to find and block the ad.URL where the user was redirected fromDevice, OS, browser used during the redirect sessionLocation and approximate date/time of the userLanding page and a screen capture of the page they were redirected toLearn More about Redirect Reporting.

At Proper, we do all that we can to minimize their impact using thoroughly vetted third-party services and proprietary technology to indicate instances of fraud.  
Did you know that in Q1, nearly 1 in every 100 impressions was impacted by a malicious or disruptive ad?  

Learn More about Malicious Ads.
Ads.txt UpdatesUpdated Ads.txt files are very important to maximizing your earnings; many advertisers and demand partners will not bid without them.  We encourage you to periodically check the Proper Dashboard to ensure you are compliant. 

Newly compliant files can be accessed in the Proper Dashboard:Navigate to the Ads.txt File ManagerDownload and Update
New Feature Requests

What should we work on next?
We’d love to hear your ideas for improving our product. 
CLICK HERE to submit your features wish-list.
The Proper Referral ProgramGet rewarded for new referrals.  You make the intro, we sign up the client, we pay you a % of the net revenue Proper earns from the referred site … it’s that simple!
Just send an email to advertising@proper.ioInclude the referral website url, a contact name, and email addressWe are looking to partner with sites that do a minimum of 2MM pageviews/month.

Thank you, we will reply as soon as possible.

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