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Programmatic Monetization Experts

Our professional and highly regarded team can help you navigate the complex world of digital advertising, revenue management, and programmatic monetization. With over 150mm monthly unique visitors and 500mm monthly page views across our owned, operated and represented properties, we understand the publishing environment like no one else.


Building a publishing brand takes time, dedication, and — most of all — resources. We are here to make the process easier, smoother, and more lucrative using our proprietary header bidding technology, industry-leading yield management solutions, direct sales, and custom business development services. Our dedicated team of experts understands your concerns and unique needs, and will work with you to make sure you never miss emerging technology, new industry demands, or new revenue streams.

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150 MM

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500 MM


Header Bidding

We have crafted an industry-leading header bidding solution that creates a real-time auction between 12+ premium demand sources to increase your yield and make you more money.

Premium Access

Proper Media makes your ad inventory visible to the world's largest buyers, and you get access to private marketplaces, advertisers, and ad units typically inaccessible to most small to medium sized publishers.

Fast Integration

Our automated technology provides "plug and play" solutions for publishers that want a powerful product, but have limited development or ad ops resources. It just takes a few snippets of code in your web template to be up and running on every device and platform.

Business Intelligence

We consolidate all reports into one convenient place, giving a clear idea of how your ad inventory is performing with just a single login. We guarantee no more laborious accounting, messy spreadsheets, or tedious tracking across multiple platforms.

Direct Sales

We support direct sales efforts with cost-efficient, best-in-class ad trafficking capabilities. We work directly with advertisers and agencies globally to bring in the best campaigns to our partners. Do you have a direct sales staff? No problem! Utilize our 1st party data partnership with BlueKai® by offering direct buyers programmatic access to your 1st party audience segments at no added cost.

Quality Assurance

We have relationships with top brands, ad networks, and SSPs, allowing us to offer only the highest quality creative without compromising the publisher's ad quality guidelines or user experience. We block over 90 percent of auto-play video and mobile redirects, using our proprietary quality assurance mechanisms and user-generated ad reports.

Low-Latency Experience

Our light-weight header bidding framework was built with speed in mind. Our engineers work hard to ensure that bid requests are sent quickly, and the ads render at ​lightning speeds.

Boost Traffic

We partner with top-tier influencer networks and media buyers around the globe to help publishers who need help marketing their web property successfully in the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of traffic acquisition.

/ Pricing

Proper Media is proud to offer the most flexible, transparent rates in the industry. Other ad-tech companies and services providers insist that the only way they can provide quality, timely, and effective service is to require exorbitant, fee-laden revenue shares with little insight on the true value they provide the publisher. We believe that model is bad for publishers and bad for business. With Proper Media, there are no long term contracts, no locked-in exclusivity agreements, and revenue shares that are always in the publisher's best interests. We guarantee you will pay less and earn more than ever before.

If you are ready to take your web publishing capabilities to the next level, contact Proper Media today!