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Products That Deliver

From familiar display advertising, to video solutions (both in and outstream), to completely customized offerings, Proper Media has the skills and experience to deliver whatever a publisher or advertiser may need to achieve success.

/ Display

With a wide range of display options, our multi-platform creative ad formats provide brands with a variety of unique options to engage consumers. From rich media units on a desktop to high impact, adhesion units on smartphones and tablets, we can easily fulfill all of your display advertising goals.

With Proper Media, you can:

  • Gain access to superior user-experience.
  • Get support for In-View, In-Media, In-Content and In-Slide placements.
  • Take advantage of IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats.
  • Unify your display advertising via smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices.

/ Mobile Specific

It’s no secret that everything is going to mobile these days, which is why we offer mobile-specific units and solutions guaranteed to capture the increasing mobile market. Our industry professionals work hard to craft innovative ad units that are geared towards mobile consumers.

Proper Media offers:

  • Access and integration to premium mobile-centric advertising partners.
  • Support and monetization of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Rich media interstitial formats with exit times and frequency capping capabilities that can be customized.
  • Article truncation units that combines standard display and re-circulated content to reduce bounce rates and expand inventory.
  • Scroll units that provide user-friendly, full-screen placement, often ideal for articles.

/ Video Platform

Brands are desperate to get video advertisements in front of web users. Recognizing in-stream advertising demand is at an all-time high, we’ve made it possible for advertisers to access our video inventory and for publishers to monetize their video content with ease.

With our video platform, you can:

  • Host, manage, and store your videos with our easy-to-use video CMS.
  • Customize a style of the player to match your site's look and feel.
  • Quickly and easily monetize your video content with pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll advertising.
  • Track your video's ​*performance*​ using Google Analytics.
  • Allow your fans to share your content with our social media integrations.

/ Outstream

We’re always on the lookout to ensure our partners receive the most innovative advertising and publishing solutions available. Outstream provides publishers with access to high-demand video advertising without needing their own video content. If your content can’t support instream, go outstream!

With outstream, you can:

  • Supplement traditional banners with rich video advertising.
  • Ensure maximum viewability - outstream only plays when a reader will see it and stops when they wont.
  • Embed video content natively in-articles.
  • No video content required — these ads don’t need to pre-roll, post-roll, or mid-roll content.

/ Custom Solutions

The name says it all: If you can dream it, then Proper Media can deliver it. Our team is eager to support even the most imaginative campaign ideas. We can accommodate full site takeovers, background skins, high impact premium ad units, custom placements that stand out, and so much more. Let your imagination run wild, because we’re up for the challenge!

If you need help finding solutions for your company's goals, then contact Proper Media today!